FNV Automation


Custom Industrial Automation Solutions

FNV automation specializes in automating custom production processes for your company. We are active on a global scale in multiple countries and several industrial branches of the industry. We develop automation software tailored to your specific needs and desires, including the visual interface. This way your operators get quick and easy control over your processes.

PLC Programming

In industrial environments, measurement and control processes are managed by PLCs. PLC Programming has the advantage of being fully customizable to the specific needs of your business and production.

We can develop automation software according to your specifications. We can write new software from scratch as well as adapt your current solutions to the changing needs of your business.

This way we can update S5 PLC software to the latest Siemens S7 version. These new PLCs are more complicated than other PLCs, but they offer much more possibilities.




We develop a digital interface which provides the link between the operator and the production in your industrial environment. This allows the status of your process to be displayed so the operator can intervene whenever necessary.

Visualization of your production process gives you full and real-time control and makes it easy to take the necessary decisions within your business.