FNV Automation


Consultancy industrial automation

Due to our many years of experience in the automation industry, FNV Automation is fully qualified to optimize your business. We provide consulting services for industrial automation. Our competent team offers ideas and solutions for all your automation applications. This can range from automating manufacturing processes through PLC programming all the way to SCADA. In this field we specialize in Siemens PLCs.

Nutrition automation

FNV Automation has experience in providing advice on automating the production process in the chocolate industry. More specifically, we are more than happy to advice you on automating batch processes, which can be linked to a recipe database. We also provide advice on importing SAP information in your production process.

Automotive automation

Within the automotive industry we provide advice on different conveyor technologies and the automation of these conveyors. We optimize the process so most of the work from station to station can be computerized and monitored.

Pharmaceutical automation

Consulting in the pharma industry is also a branch of our consultancy services in which we are highly experienced. We provide solutions for automating batch processes, fully compliant with FDA regulations.

Chemistry automation

FNV Automation also provides consulting for the optimization of production processes in the chemical industry. Within this branch of the industry we are specialized in prolonging energy levels. We take environmental measures into account so we can lower the CO2 emissions of your company.